Saturday, January 8, 2011

For the men.

Constance is the title character of Lady Chatterly's Lover, obviously, but it takes two to exchange sensations if you know what I mean. We can't forget Oliver Mellors, the brooding gamekeeper thrusting his way into Connie's womb. To that end, a brief look at Oliver after the magical shared orgasm: "He went to the hut, and wrapped himself in the blanket and lay on the floor to sleep. But he could not, he was cold. And besides, he felt cruelly his own unfinished nature. He felt his own unfinished condition of aloneness cruelly. He wanted her, to touch her, to hold her fast against him in one moment of completeness and sleep. [...] It was not desire, not that. It was the cruel sense of unfinished aloneness, that needed a silent woman folded in his arms" (page 156-157).

It looks like he's losing himself to himself, too. And since the quote reminded me of one of my favorite songs, I thought I'd share it with you (along with a video I made with really terrible software).

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  1. D.H. Lawrence is always stealing my best lines.

    By that, I mean that I know quite well the feeling of wanting to hold one against me and sleep. Also, that I think 'losing oneself to oneself' is a beautiful way of describing the abandonment of emotional inhibition that allows self-discovery through the lens of desire for another. That is unless I'm misreading things.